Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Message

Here we are at Christmas once again. The shopping is all done and most of us are looking forward to eating too much turkey! Beiseker has outdone itself this year with many homes and businesses decked out in the best of holiday fashion! Take time to tour around town and enjoy these festive lights!

The local Food Bank has distributed many packages to those who need a little extra boost this year. Thanks to all of you who have donated to that worthy cause. Please remember that the needs of these folks continue on into the new year.

Chistmas Talk: Every year around this time we all hear the Christmas talk of peace and goodwill to all. All the politicians' carefully prepared speeches and the music on the radio refer to this time of peace and joy. But soon after Christmas that's all forgotten and we're back to the same old same old! This year I'm going to try to live up to those platitudes into the new year, please join me!

Merry Christmas!

SNOW!; Hats off to Beiseker's Public Works for moving as much snow as they've had to over the past few weeks! I personally think we have a pretty darn good snow management program for such a small municipality!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Water Crisis

The village's Public Works staff is still working on the loss of water issue. We've found a couple of small leaks or discrepancies in the system, but we still can't account for all the water we lose each month.

Every municipal water system has a certain amount of loss, but not nearly as high as Beiseker's! My compliments go to our Public Works staff who have braved some pretty nasty weather trying to track down some of this missing water.

The Kneehill Regional Water Services Commission is still in communication with the provincial government in hopes a new water fee schedule can still be worked out. Right now the seven municipalities in the commission are really hurting while trying to cover these huge expenses created, in part, when the commission was not allowed to sell its water to waiting customers!! Stay tuned!