Friday, August 4, 2017

Gas vs. Electric Cars

I think it'll be just a matter of time before our governments outlaw gasoline as a propellant for cars,  Other jurisdictions have already done it!  Britain is the most recent, saying it will outlaw gasoline in 2040!  my question is; why?

A little over a hundred and ten years ago, the automobile was just coming into being.  Engineers and scientists experimented with different ways of fueling and propelling these new contraptions.  There were steam powered cars, methane powered cars, electric cars and gasoline powered cars all roaring around,

Eventually the gasoline powered cars won out, and the others faded away.  There were no laws outlawing them.  Gasoline just happened to be the most efficient and least expensive way of powering these new machines!

Now, environmentalists say we must stop using gasoline because it creates too much pollution.  Major car companies have all joined the race to create cars using other fuels, mostly electric powered though batteries.  These vehicles are becoming more efficient in every new model coming out but they are still more expensive then their gasoline powered equivalents.  Some of the processes making components and power for those electric cars create huge amount of pollution!

Why don't governments just stay out of it?  Gasoline won out in 1910 because it was the cheapest and most efficient.  When electric cars are the cheapest and more efficient than gasoline powered cars, they will win too!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Volunteer Lawn Mowing?

Hauling equipment and personnel out to the Beiseker Airport to mow the large expanses of grass, there, is expensive for the Village.  A group of hangar owners out there have volunteered to mow the grass themselves.  So far this year, Public Works has yet to go out to our airport to mow yet the grass is all mowed and tidy!  We owe a huge vote of thanks to those volunteers.

I was thinking; if it works out there, could it work here in the village?  Residents and businesses are responsible for mowing the grass on the Public Reserve area (boulevard) in front of their home and the area behind their property to the middle of the lane-way -- but are there other public spaces which could be kept tidy, voluntarily?

Areas around the fire hall, the medical center, the ball diamonds, the public flower beds,  and other places within the Village might benefit from this kind of volunteerism!  I know there are some folks who already volunteer to tidy up some of these areas, but I think we could use more.  Just an idea!

If you think you'd like to help out somewhere in the Village, please check with the Village Office first.  And - thank you!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Last Monday night, just before we convened our July Council Meeting, I was most honoured to be presented with a Senator's Contribution Award!

The award was presented to me through the office of the Honourable Doug Black, Q.C., an Alberta Senator.  I was very pleased and honoured to accept this award.  My wife and I have always enjoyed volunteering.  It is one way we can give back to the community we enjoy living in so much!

Thank you to our CAO Jo Lambert and our village staff for nominating me for this most appreciated award.  To be sure, our volunteer efforts will continue after I retire from Council this fall.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Quacking of Ducks!

Just over a hundred and fifty years ago, U.S. Navy Commodore Matthew Perry visited the east coast of Asia.  I understand it was an introductory meeting to introduce the United States of America to that part of the world.  For the most part, the Asian nations he met were friendly and interested in this new nation across the Pacific,

One thing the Asians did comment on was the American language.  They said it sounded like the quacking of ducks!

I fear that trait has returned!  Many young people I meet (especially young women) speak with a very nasal accent.  Instead of speaking in bold round sounds through their mouths, they add a nasal twang to their speech!  I don't know if it's taught or just learned through social interaction.  Maybe they speak like that to get people's attention, but I personally find it quite distracting. 

Or maybe my generation gap is showing again! ;)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sad News About Stage East

It is with much sadness that I must report that the Stage East Dinner Theatre Society has cancelled this year's performances.

The reason is quite simple; we just don't have enough people to put on a production this year.  We have lost some of our major cast members and with no one to replace them, we can't continue again this year.

Stage East was started more than thirty years ago to raise funds to save and restore the last remaining station building in Beiseker.  We were successful in raising enough to save the building which now serves as the Beiseker Village Office and the Station Museum!  It was started up again in 2005 to celebrate Alberta's 100th Birthday.   Since then we have donated funds to many community groups and projects but over the last few we've supported improvements to our community hall.

The Stage East Dinner Theatre Society will continue on.  It is an active society and is registered.  We will continue meeting on a regular basis.

It has been suggested that we hold a theatre workshop in the fall, to show people how much fun theatre and Stage East can be.  We are planning to have a full production in the fall of 2018!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Admiral Notley of the Albertan Navy

You might recall the old joke about a gentleman claiming to be an admiral in the Swiss Navy.  Switzerland is of course a landlocked country.  Save for a few lakes, it doesn't have access to enough water to float a navy!

The Province of Alberta is landlocked, too!  Our natural resources must be shipped to customers overseas, yet we have no deep-water, ocean ports.  We must rely on our neighbors to provide those facilities.  It is absolutely necessary that Alberta's petroleum products, grain, coal, forest products and other products be able to be sold on the international market.  Without that ability to sell its products, Alberta will stay on the list of "have-not" provinces forever!

Premier Notley (or should I say Admiral Notley) is desperately trying to make sure that Alberta has and continues to have access to seaports for its natural resources.  That's not an easy task! 

The way I see it, we have three directions to go;  West through B.C., South through the U.S.A. and East through Saskatchewan.  Each direction presents challenges.  There are environmental concerns, indigenous peoples' concerns, and economic concerns in each direction!  B.C.'s Green Party leader says there is a simple solution; no movement of Alberta's resources through British Columbia.  Quebec's city mayors have the same solution!  And the on-again-off-again-on-again Keystone project shows me that the U.S. has a similar attitude.  How does Premier Notley convince these folks that that is NOT an option?

These access corridors must be created!  We need some kind of a commission or board to deal with each and every issue in each direction.  Our environment must be preserved and the rights and concerns of everyone must be addressed.  All options must be explored!   Everyone must be treated fairly!  Saying "no" just because you can is not an option!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Clear Skies, Terry

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a friend of mine.  I've known Terry McDonough for many years.  We met while volunteering at Calgary's Aerospace Museum (now, the Hangar Flight Museum)

While talking we discovered that we were also both long time volunteers at the Calgary Stampede!  Last year Terry proudly accepted a Calgary Stampede Honourary Life Membership!  Our connection to aviation and the Stampede proved most beneficial!

Terry was a life-long aviator!  Flying with him was a real treat!  He was out to promote aviation any way he could!  With Terry's enthusiasm and drive, we were able to take a museum plane, the Cessna Ag Wagon aerial applicator plane, to both the Stampede July show and to Aggie Days!  Through Terry's efforts, we were able to put to rest many misconceptions and outright falsehoods about aerial application in agriculture!

Terry was a hard worker and a practical joker!  I fell victim to a couple of his jokes over the years.  His schemes were never hurtful and always generated bushels of giggles and laughs!  Terry's city of Calgary will miss him.  And so will many of the rest of us!  Clear skies, Terry!