Monday, January 8, 2018

It's The Little Grinches Who Try To Get You!

As we pass the Twelve Days of Christmas and this season comes to an end, I would like to wish all of our friends and family a Merry Christmas and all the best in this New Year.  We had a wonderful Christmas season with our children and our grandchildren!  I hope your Christmas was a good one, too!

We had some little Grinches who tried to spoil it for us but they have failed!

1. To those Grinches who vandalized my car; you didn't spoil our Christmas!
2. To Mother Nature who decided to give us some very cold winter weather; you didn't spoil our Christmas!
3. To those who vandalized some of the Christmas decorations around the Village; you didn't spoil our Christmas!
3. To our beloved NDP government who added another nickel per litre onto the price of gas as a Christmas Present; you didn't spoil our Christmas!
4. To the "Genius" in America's White House and his "Little Rocket Man" in North Korea; despite all your blustering back and forth and your comparing the size of each other's button; you didn't spoil our Christmas!
5. To the entertainment world where we learned there are some men in that realm who are or have been behaving very badly; we support those women who had to put up with that crap! And men: you didn't spoil our Christmas!

The Christmas Spirit prevailed!  For a few days, a few hours or a few minutes, we enjoyed the company of our families and friends and we dreamed about what Peace might feel like!  The Grinches have failed once again!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:  Our provincial government set up a plan to design a standard hospital building which could be built in locations around the province thus saving huge design and architectural fees.  A city (like Airdrie) would get a standard generic hospital building which then could be modified as to the needs of that city!  In Airdire's case; a large, that would be a well equipped obstetrics and maternity ward!  Hope for the Airdrie Hospital!
The Bad:  Our provincial government has now cancelled the above mentioned project and appears to be adrift regarding any organized provincial hospital program.
The Ugly:  We still have Airdrie patients being driven or flown into Calgary for treatment which could be provided by these now ghost hospitals.  More babies are going to born on the QEII as Airdrie's young population continues to grow!  Is there still plans to build a hospital on the edge of Calgary at the corner of Stoney Trail and Centre Street?  Who knows! And why there?

The saga continues!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Disappointing Remembrance Day Turnout

I had the honor of once again attending the Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the Acme Hall this morning.

I was very disappointed at the attendance this year.  From where I was sitting, it looked like less than half the seats were occupied!  In many years past it was standing room only!

The members of the Royal Canadian Legion in Acme work very hard to present this ceremony every year.  I'm sure they were disappointed at the low turnout, too.  I don't know the reasons for the small crowd this year.  Perhaps folks were attending a larger event elsewhere.

I'm asking the Legion members not to be discouraged.  I'm sure this was just a glitch and attendance will be up again next year.

Lest We Forget.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thanks and Congratulations

First; Congrats to Jason Kenney for winning the leadership of the United Conservative Party.  Now his work really begins!  First he has to win a seat in the Legislature.  We're all hoping that Premier Notley will announce a by-election very soon so that process can begin!  Next he'll have to rally his troops to come up with a plan other that just "Dump Notley's NDP"!  They'll have to outline a plan to get Alberta rolling again!

Second; And Congrats to Al Henuset who is Beiseker's new Mayor!  Having worked with Al for many years, I believe he will make a very good mayor for our little village.  I was pleased to hear that Warren Wise was chosen as Deputy Mayor, too.  Also a good choice!

Third;  I was most honoured to be presented with my Senators Contribution Award at a celebration at the Community Center a few weeks ago.  It was humbling to be included among such worthy recipients during the ceremony.  Member of Parliament Martin Shields made the presentations. A big thanks to Jeanette Richter and her volunteers for organizing the celebration!

Fourth;  Where's her spelling textbook?  I noted that one of my Junior High teachers passed away recently.  She was almost a hundred years old!  I remember her and her very strict rules on manners and politeness.  For example, at junior high dances she used to march around the Gym with a spelling textbook.  If she thought a young couple were getting too close during a slow dance, she would place the book, flat side between them.  That was the distance they had to be apart!  Oh have times changed!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Coals to Newcastle!

Back during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century, the British city of Newcastle was the coal supply and exporting hub of the country!  Thousands were employed loading coal bound for the hundreds of new factories around the country.   If you needed coal, go to Newcastle!  Thus any foolish idea which came up was compared to "sending coals to Newcastle."

Yet the same foolish idea occurs here in Canada!

Eastern Canadians vehemently oppose the import of Alberta oil into their provinces yet they happily buy oil from overseas markets! To me that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't think that it is environmentally safer to bring oil into the Maritimes with these huge oil tankers. A pipeline from Alberta could do the job more safely and more efficiently. Maybe Arab oil is easier to refine or maybe it's cheaper right now.

To me sending oil to a oil rich country like Canada is akin to "sending coal to Newcastle"!